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    Custom Wine Coolers Are One of The Most Sophisticated Ways To Live.   Date:2022-11-23


    It is only natural for those who enjoy drinking and pay attention to the quality of their lives to compile a selection of great wines in their collections. It could not possibly be much better if you also possessed an exceptional and unique wine cabinet!


    A man's equivalent to a woman's dressing table is a well-stocked wine cabinet. Your priceless wine will be stored in a professional environment with a consistent temperature in a beautiful wine cabinet that has been crafted just for it. In addition, this cabinet will become a tasteful addition to your home decoration and improve the environment.

    A space regardless of size, private homes or restaurants, clubs, bars, wine stores, office areas and other commercial places, can be tailored to create a wine cabinet to match.

    A professional wine storage setup with the wine cabinet has to have elements like a stable temperature, enough humidity, adequate ventilation, and so on. In addition to that, it is the primary distinction between it and regular aesthetically pleasing wine cabinets. Those who know very little about this topic may find it simple to disregard this problem.

    Companies that specialize in general decoration sometimes lack the necessary abilities and expertise in this sphere. They manufacture and install the so-called wine cabinet, but it simply has storage at room temperature and a space decorating impact; it is not actually a professional wine cabinet designed to maintain a consistent temperature for storing wine.



    It is important to know that wine is still alive after it is bottled and encapsulated, and will continue to mellow and grow. The body of a wine varies from wine to wine. Stronger wines have the potential to age for 10, 20 or more years.

    In addition, the environment in which wines are stored can affect their characteristics. The same batch of wine might provide very varied outcomes depending on the surrounding environment. There is a possibility that certain wines are still immature, that others have reached maturity, and that yet others have begun to age prematurely.

    It is clear that the environment in which the wine is stored is one of the most important factors in determining how well the wine will mature. One option to consider is investing in a professional wine cabinet that can maintain a consistent temperature and also add humidity to the air. Custom wine cabinets provide considerable storage capacity, making it impossible to turn back to ordinary standard wine cabinets for storing huge quantities of wine. This is especially true in situations when the volume of wine being stored is significant.


    With up to 17 years of expertise in the production of wine cabinets that maintain a consistent temperature, SICAO new dynasty has established itself as the professional wine cabinet sector leader in China. As a result of its more than one hundred technical patents and other intellectual property rights, it has established itself as the industry standard for household wine cabinets.



    Over the course of its history, SICAO new dynasty has worked with several clients to personalize more than 3,000 wine cabinets and wine cellars of varying sizes. It has reached a highly mature stage and has been standardized throughout the entirety of the service process and quality control management, beginning with the pre-design stage and continuing through building and installation.


    The capacity to keep wine is typically rather great in establishments that are used for business, such as upscale dining establishments, clubs, and retail wine shops. As a result, bespoke wine racks have developed into something of an industry norm for them. Both wine display and professional storage, as well as restaurant atmosphere to complement the custom wine cabinet, will make the area appear to have more meaning and elegance.


    A stunning landscape is analogous to a bespoke wine cabinet that excels in both presentation and functionality. In the wine cabinet, which is kept at a constant temperature, a broad selection of sweet and mellow wines are patiently waiting to be savored by those who have an appreciation for them.


    Over the course of more than 10 years, SICAO has developed a large number of individualized wine cabinets featuring a variety of attributes for high-end clients like Huawei, Vanke, Fuli, COFCO Wines, Shangri-La Hotel, and Bulgari Hotel, amongst others. It has earned a very strong reputation as a result of the high degree of perfection that it consistently maintains in its efforts.


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    Sicao will attend USA National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago USA in May,2024


    Sicao will attend USA National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago USA in May,2024

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