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    Sicao Wine cellar

    Sicao wine cellar esabished in 2008, as the pioneer of customized professional wine cellar field, we created many high-level cases. To create excellent storage conditions for wine is our unswering pursuit. After more than 10 years experience in such field, we fully integrate wine storage technology and aesthetic creativity. Adhering to the spirit of ingenuity and focusing on high-end wine storage, we have become the most competitive brand spf wine cellar and we are highly praised


    1. 1. Customer send Sicao size information, such as widen, height, depth and so on

    2. 2. As per customer's requirement for function, style, color etc, Sicao makes design for customer approval

    3. 3. Sicao send the best quotation to customers and sign the contact

    4. 4. Sicao arrange production and try to finish in 30-45days

    5. 5. Perfectly delivery