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    Professional Cellar Technology, Achieving the Most Beautiful Appreciation SICAO was founded in 2005.


    When the people of China still do not know much about wine, we took the position of a pioneer and plunged headlong into the little-known wine cabinet industry, and started a difficult and passionate entrepreneurial journey.

    Over the past 18 years, we have been cultivating with the craftsmanship spirit of "pursuing the ultimate, never compromising", and we are determined to make SICAO a world-renowned century-old brand.

    With forward-looking technological innovation and unique design trends, we continue to innovate and create many products that are highly popular among consumers. Since the launch of the first electronic wine cooler, we have continued to lead the times, and every time we venture beyond, we set a wind vane for the industry.

    We closely around the "for the love of the collection" of the mission, in-depth research on the basis of professional wine cooler, and has developed a cigar cabinet, mature cabinet, tea cabinet, ice bar and other series of products, as well as personalized high-end customization services, for the elite group to bring more multi-dimensional high-quality lifestyle.

    Today, our products are sold in 73 countries and regions around the world, and have entered the lives of more than one million users. In China, our high-end wine cabinets have been leading in sales for many years, and we have become a true leader in professional wine cabinets.

    For us, every bottle of wine, every cigar, every leaf of tea is a unique gift, worth treasuring. Only in this way, time will give them unique charm and elegance, and professional constant temperature and humidity cellar technology, so that all this becomes within reach.

    SICAO was born for this reason, and will abide by the original intention, toward the grand vision of "becoming the industry leader", and pursue the dream without distraction.


    Mission:Collecting for Love

    Vision: To become a respected century-old brand.

    Core Value: Gratitude