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    Professional Custom Wine Cellar And Cigar Room.   Date:2023-05-09

     For the new elite class with a strong sense of self, the pursuit of high quality living space is far from the simple accumulation of elements, they are more eager to have a unique personality, style and high quality of living space than too gorgeous and complicated decorative design.

    Even if there is plenty of space, they are willing to carefully plan each place and interpret their unique aesthetic concepts by following their own inner expression.


    Nowadays, the space showing the texture of life is no longer a visual invasion of violence, but a silent humanistic temperature infiltration. The more details, the more ability. Pragmatism has replaced formalism and become the favorite of decoration design.


    In all the functional design, the private wine cellar and cigar room, which can often contain millions of treasures, are definitely the most able to enhance the space style of the C position.

    Fine wine and fine wine are often synonymous with life taste, especially those who have this hobby, more or less have a collection of fine wine and cigars, both for daily consumption and appreciation of investment.


    Custom wine cellar and custom cigar room, as a space carrier with great cultural significance, radiate wonderful visual and taste charm as well as set off the unique elegant taste of the host.


    In the traditional sense, wine cellars and cigar rooms are generally completely independent building sites. Under the circumstances of modern urban life, it is almost extravagant to open up such a place for wine storage and cultivation.


    Therefore, through professional constant temperature and humidity technology, creating a cellaring space in a modern residence comparable to the traditional wine cellar and cigar cellar has become the only choice for many senior collectors.


    Such a place with both practical and decorative aesthetics can not only provide collectors with more thoughtful and professional collection conditions, but also elegantly display their proud collections, and share the scenery and life from all over the world with guests at any time.


    In particular, in some business occasions, well-polished high-quality wine cellars and cigar rooms can instantly transform into high-standard private social places, pushing cups and changing glasses, showing the business strength and life taste of the host family.

    The design and construction of professional wine cellars and cigar rooms with temperature and humidity control functions are very demanding, which requires not only unique creativity, but also matching craftsmanship and technology. Only in this way can they be presented perfectly and give full care to treasures.


    SICAO new dynasty as a domestic professional wine cabinet pioneer brand, with a solid storage technology, forward-looking vision, a long time ago began to set foot in the non-standard custom business, and in 2008 formally set up the non-standard team, leading the industry so far.


    With the development of our own strength and market, our service scope has gradually extended from the original wine cabinet, wine cellar customization to cigar cabinet, cigar room customization, and even the dry maturing room customization highly respected by top restaurants. We have served many well-known customers in real estate, hotels, wine merchants, catering, clubs and other industries.


    SICAO has always been adhering to the blend of professional technology, craftsmanship and unique aesthetics, to meet the needs of continuous refinement of technology, iterative service standards. To date, SICAO has successfully delivered more than 3000 custom projects, rich project experience has been our core advantage.


    SICAO wine storage, eggplant customized series, the essence of art into the living environment, interpretation of taste and visual double enjoyment. This side of the private world, not only can accommodate a wide range of treasures, but also can afford the ultimate yearning for quality life.


    Behind an ideal wine cellar, eggplant room, full of master's ardent expectations, but also poured into the designers, engineers countless enthusiasm and effort, its itself is comparable to a piece of art enough to pass down.

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