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    SICAO's 15th Anniversary   Date:2021-01-20

    2020 is an extraordinary year. The epidemic sweeping the world has not only disrupted people's normal life, but also caused varying degrees of impact and impact on all walks of life.

    Although the epidemic has slowed our race,but SICAO's passion for facing difficulties and moving forward remains unabated.

    Sicao has been established over 15years by 2020.We originally planned the 15th anniversary of the big event. Finally it was changed to a low-key held at the Shenzhen headquarters 

    because of epidemic.

    In 15 years, from nothing to be the top brand for wine cooler in China. At same time, we developed the cigar humidor and dry-aged refrigerator. For us, the low-key ceremony is also 

    a kind of deep memory.

    Speech by CEO Miao Ke

    Energetic and trendy management team

    Anniversary cake


    The 2005 Lafite in the same year as the trendy

    Delicious Spanish ham

    Let’s look back on the 15 years

    From adhering to the positioning of high-end and professional wine cabinets to launching a new brand for young people-NAPPE, we have always concentrated on the wine 

    storage field and intensively cultivated.

    From the birth of the first electronic wine cabinet, the opening of the era of professional wine storage in China, to the pioneering wine and drinking refrigerator development,

    we continue to lead the industry's innovation vane.


    From the pioneering of professional wine cellar customization in 2008, to the continuous setting of large-scale wine cellar construction records, we have gained a lot in the field of 

    wine cellar customization, and won the top ten most innovative design institutions (wine cellar design category) award.

    From the completion of the first wine cellar life experience hall in Shenzhen to the successive opening of the Beijing and Shanghai experience halls to welcome guests, we are 

    committed to the spread of wine storage culture and deliberately explore the N possibilities of the wine lifestyle.

    From the little-known boutique wineries to the Fortune 500 companies, our customer list is growing year by year, and our high-quality products and services have been recognized 

    and trusted by customers in many industries.


    From the early adopters of e-commerce in the wine cabinet industry to the leading players in the entire network, we continue to embrace changes and take root and grow in each new channel.

    From faltering and just stepping out of the country, to marketing in 73 countries around the world, we have become a shining business card for China's intelligent manufacturing to "go global" 

    by virtue of excellent product quality and technical standards.

    From Wutong Mountain, the highest peak in Shenzhen at 944 meters, to Mount Everest, the summit of the world at 8,848 meters, we are brave enough to march forward to the peak that 

    challenges the limit.


    In the past 15 years, Xinchao has always adhered to its original aspirations, adhering to the mission of "collecting for love", taking up the banner of China's wine cabinet industry and leading 

    the industry's continuous reform and healthy development.

    Starting from zero to one, persisting from one to ten, and looking from ten to one hundred, Xinchao aspires to become a respected century-old enterprise and is prepared for long-term struggle.

    15 years have passed. Thanks to every customer, partner, shareholder and trendy people for their trust and support. Standing at a new starting point, we still have a long way to go.

    Time will live up to date, and the future can be expected. Let us work together, toward the great dream in our hearts, starting from the "heart"!

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