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2013 SICAO Export Recorded

2013 SICAO export made great performance, with 30% increase,wine cellars exported to 68 countries and regions of France, Spain, Germany, Britain, Developed markets outside the United States, Australia, Japan, etc., the new expansion, including Bahrain, Qatar, Nigeria, Myanmar etc.

July 2013, SICAO customized wine cellar displayed at Suntec City Mall the city center of Singapore, creating a precedent for SICAO's customized wine cellars.In November, a 4.2 m long stainless steel customized wine cellar exported Bahrain. Intelligent vacuum wine dispenser fridge is warm welcomed and hot sales when it's released also in 2013.

Technical strength is a major advantage of SICAO to seize the overseas markets. Based on "create the world's highest quality wine storage products" SICAO research the leading products painstakingly, and leading the industry's technological innovation developement.

SICAO export competitiveness is gradually increased, and showed stable growth. 2014 SICAO export will be make another record with the strong investment in technology innovation, and increasingly extensive product line and wider overseas markets